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On 25th May 2010, 14 months after starting BT Buddies, I felt an overwhelming urge to provide a place for those who have sadly lost their loved ones to this awful disease. I'm sure we have all had one of those days where you suddenly realise you should have thought things through a bit more when you started a project, well, today was one of those days for me. It was as though someone flicked a switch inside me and said 'Wake up, you help people every step of the way but when their loved ones journey has ended, where do you think they go?'.

This is a very different journey than the brain tumour journey, it is a grieving process with no time limits and no right or wrongs. Now is when the past journey for many, including the nightmares of that journey, need to be grieved. Hopefully at some point the painful memories will recede and happier memories prevail.

Along with practical information and support sections, this site also has a forum and a weekly oonline support group which are both intended to be a safe and private haven to share among others who have experienced a similar brain tumour journey in the hope that NO ONE is left alone during this most difficult time.

Together in hope,

Natalya and the A Time To Grieve / BT Buddies Team



We will be here to listen to the pain you feel

We will never judge or laugh at what you say

We will always understand that some days your grief is greater than others

We will walk next to you when your needs are such


When you cry we will offer you that shoulder to cry on

When you want to rant, we will rant with you

When your days are dark, we will light the way for you

When you feel you can't take any more, we will carry you until you can

We would like to thank Bereavement UK and Maria Kirk for allowing us to use the beautiful words above.


Visit the Dying Matters website
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